The Advanced Integrative Therapy Institute trains mental health professionals in its signature theory and method. AIT’s gentle and effective treatment promotes psychological, physical and spiritual healing by treating not just the symptoms, but the originating causes of present day difficulties that fracture wholeness and block connection to spirit.

AIT blends analytic psychotherapy with the power of energy psychology. Its seminars teach clinicians elegant and effective treatments for single and multiple incident situational trauma as well as developmental and attachment trauma. AIT specializes in treatment for difficult and complex clinical challenges, including PTSD, anxiety disorders, and personality disorders.

Our site introduces the Theory and Practice of Advanced Integrative Therapy and presents some Case Studies. It provides information about the Advanced Integrative Therapy Institute, its Founder and Executive Director, Asha Clinton, PhD, MSW, and our humanitarian work. Clients seeking a therapist trained in AIT can find one here. AIT training is available to clinicians who have completed graduate-level training in a helping profession with a primary focus in mental health. Find details of EligibilitySeminarsCertification, and Supervision, consult our schedule, and register for training directly from this website.


Please join hands with us!

Your contribution to AIT will help us train more teachers, who in turn will teach more clinicians, who in turn will help many more clients. It will help us to move forward to conduct research to provide a much-needed evidence-base to show to others what we already know to be effective in our experience. It will help us provide ongoing support to our teachers, trainers, and practitioners through innovative new seminars webinars. It will help us establish a scholarship fund. And it will support our humanitarian aid projects that bring new life and inner peace to people in war- and catastrophe-torn areas.