“Undergoing AIT (Advanced Integrative Therapy) changed my life in so many ways. I initially sought treatment for anxieties and panic disorder that were robbing me of joy and constricting my life due to fears and rigid thinking. My therapist, Susan Bove, LCSW, BCD introduced me to the concepts of AIT and thought it would prove very beneficial for me. She was so right!

Having been subjected to extensive emotional trauma since early childhood, I have sought many different types of cognitive behavioral therapy over my adult lifetime- from straight “talk” therapy, EMDR, self-hypnosis, exposure therapy, guided imagery and more.  I’d had decent results, but the symptoms always re-surfaced at some point. Susan thought AIT would be my best option for lasting peace.

The work was different from anything I’d ever done. I was skeptical, but hopeful, so I went into it with an open mind. I liked that there was a way to “muscle test” my subconscious, which helped to detect any blockages to healing that my conscious mind was not aware of. AIT felt very directed and specific. As each trauma was treated, the foundations of many related anxieties crumbled away with  minimal effort.

My life has been so enhanced since completing AIT. I’ve become more independent, my relationships have become more meaningful, and I am generally in control of my emotions. I no longer waste time with rigid thought patterns -“I must, I should, I can’t”-  or -“what if” and “if only”- thoughts. I am free to embrace life with all the joys and disappointments that come with it. I am basically able to live a life of my own choosing. The continuous thread woven through daily life now is one of gratitude – the feeling of being deeply blessed.

The best example I can think of to illustrate my “before AIT” and “after AIT” lives is the Wizard of Oz. When the movie starts, it is shown in black and white. When Dorothy and Toto enter the Land of Oz, it changes to brilliant technicolor. I am now living in technicolor! I highly recommend this innovative therapy as a means to ending needless suffering and living life to its fullest”.  C.M. 2016


 “It is absolutely state of the art – a truly inspired, in-depth approach to personal transformation.”

Patricia Carrington, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor,Dept. of Psychiatry,
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey,  NJ- author of The Path of Meditation


 “I’ve taken numerous trainings over the years and am fortunate to have been trained by rather brilliant clinicians. However, when I saw  a demonstration of Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) at a conference, I knew that this was something rather unique and powerful, unlike anything I had ever seen before.  I was determined to learn more about it.  Fortunately, the AIT Basic course was being offered soon after the conference and I jumped at the opportunity to be trained. After completing the Basics I realized that I had just  been introduced to something more powerful and transformative than anything I had ever learned to date. After 33 years in the field, I can honestly say I have never been so excited about being a clinician.”

 Susan Bove, LCSW, Goshen NY



“As a depth psychotherapist specializing in long term treatment for over two decades, I view AIT (formerly Seemorg Matrix Work®) as a stunning breakthrough in psychodynamically oriented psychotherapy. Dr.Asha Clinton’s extensive training and clinical experience in psychoanalytic psychotherapy permeates a treatment methodology that might be best characterized as the first depth psychotherapy to harness the principles of post-Einsteinian quantum mechanics in service of healing the psyche. Her uncanny way of combining psychodynamic wisdom and findings from the field of traumatology with simple but potent interventions upon the human electromagnetic field creates a breakthrough never before seen in psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy. All depth psychotherapists, psychoanalytic psychotherapists, trauma treatment specialists, existential psychotherapists and spiritually oriented psychotherapists looking for more effective, rapid, humane and gentle ways to midwife even their most disturbed clients toward peak functioning would be wise to receive this training.

David Gruder, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist,
Director of Willingness Works,
Founding President of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology


 “You have to learn/experience this amazing work …to know its power. For years I have been working at integrating the spiritual and psychological paths…Your work is the best integration I have experienced so far.”

Carol Ribner, MA, M.Ed., Toronto, Canada


 “…this is the piece I have been looking for after years of psychotherapy practice to do more for my patients and complete their treatment.”

Ingrid Pacey, Psychiatrist, MMBS, FRCP(C)


 “After three and a half decades of spiritual practice,  healing, psychotherapy and training as a psychotherapist,  I encountered the transformative power of Advanced Integrative Therapy. It had the effect of dissolving the inner defensive structures and strategies that stood in the way of access to the treasured qualities I know as myself that hitherto only occasionally, randomly and in fits and starts broke through whole and full.
My inner world in the last years of study, treatment, and practice of AIT has moved into a position of clarity and spacious ground. Even when I am not treating or being treated with AIT my perception and observation is unfettered, available for offering, infused by all the practice, healing, and training that has gone before in an access gained thru the work, study, and community of AIT. It is truly a doorway to our deeper self, and a wider contact with the collective inner wealth.”

Susan Dawdy, LICSW, New Lebanon NY