Advanced Integrative Therapy Institute teaches AIT and guides our humanitarian work.

IMG_0221AITI FOUNDER AND CREATIVE FORCE: Asha Clinton, MSW, PhD is trained in cultural anthropology, analytical psychology, self psychology, object relations, cognitive and behavioral therapies, body centered therapy and transpersonal therapy. She has practiced Buddhism and Sufism. After teaching at Princeton for five years, Asha specialized in trans-personal therapy, the treatment of personality disorders, abuse, trauma and psychogenic illness. Asha later trained in EMDR  and the energy psychology techniques proven effective for the treatment of trauma.  Focusing on trauma as the basic cause of human suffering, she combined all of these to create Advanced Integrative Therapy. Dr. Clinton has authored 14 AIT seminars and their accompanying manuals. She teaches AIT in the United States, Canada, Guatemala, El Salvador, Germany, the United Kingdom, Denmark and points beyond!