AIT combines/integrates trauma treatment, energy psychology, depth psychology and cognitive therapy to create a comprehensive, coherent and elegantly woven system for healing mind, body and spirit while honoring each person’s unique life journey. AITI is a not-for profit organization that trains and certifies mental health professionals to provide AIT therapy, training and supervision.



Advanced Integrative Therapy is a well established, respected and evidenced-based therapy sought after for its profound effectiveness in treating complex issues and promoting personal development, wholeness and well being. The AIT Institute promotes these ideals by strengthening and expanding its core group of well-trained teachers and supervisors, by supporting the personal and professional growth of AIT clinicians, by facilitating research and by conducting culturally sensitive humanitarian aid projects worldwide.



In 1998, Asha Clinton MSW, PhD, began developing Advanced Integrative Therapy– energy-driven trauma treatment that heals mind, body, and spirit. She began with the development of its Core Belief Protocol, which lastingly transforms problematic beliefs and ideas, and with the Trauma Protocol, which effectively treats trauma gently and quickly. As more and more people experienced the positive results of this approach, and more and more mental health practitioners wanted to be trained in AIT, the teaching and humanitarian aid functions of AIT were incorporated into a not-for-profit corporation, the Advanced Integrative Therapy Institute. Since 2012, AITI has emerged as a dynamic training, practitioner certification, and humanitarian aid organization.

Some of the skills we include in AIT are generic energy techniques, such as Cook’s Hook-up and the Medulla-UN Hold. However, its unique and ground-breaking primary energetic treatments, Three-Step and Five-Step Transformation, informed by both traditional and innovative psychological theories, has transformed it into a new psychotherapy rather than an energy technique.

Asha Clinton conceived AIT, almost from its beginnings, as a therapy that would aid in the development of a human being toward a state of wholeness or individuation (in Maslow’s terms), she sought a name for the new therapy that represented two salient aspects of the work, first, that it enhanced not only physical and psychological development, but also the spiritual development that leads to what is called in various traditions enlightenment, illumination, individuation, and wholeness. The Seemorg, a Persian mythological being, seemed a perfect representation of this aspect of the work since it is a symbol of the Divine.
Also, Dr. Clinton conceived of AIT as a matrix of treatment methods because of which clients could return to a life that was healthy and normal for them. In Latin, matrix means uterus; she conceived of the therapeutic dyad as a kind of uterus in which the new, transformed client could grow until their rebirth. Because of these considerations, it seemed natural to name the new therapy Seemorg Matrix Work.

Why the name Advanced Integrative Therapy?
As Seemorg Matrix Work developed, its integrative aspects became increasingly important. Elements of psychodynamic psychotherapy, analytical psychology, object relations, self psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, neurobiology, quantum mechanics, transpersonal psychotherapy, energy psychology, and other approaches began to come together as the work developed. The areas of dysfunction that became treatable with the new therapy broadened to include personality, anxiety, conversion, and other disorders. It seemed more important to stress the advanced integrative nature of the therapy than its spiritual focus, and so the change in name was made.

Currently, the Advanced Integrative Therapy Institute is governed by  a Board of Directors made up of AIT certified therapists, all of whom work tirelessly and with great dedication and enthusiasm to bring AIT into the larger community of psychotherapies.



AIT trainers, teachers and clinicians are expected to maintain the professional ethics and standards of their respective professional organizations (e.g., the American Psychological Association for psychologists, and the NASW for social workers). In addition, they are to abide by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) Code of Ethics as delineated on the ACEP website.




AITI is proud of the demonstrated  positive effects of AIT treatment. As with other treatment modalities, there is no guarantee that the protocols, processes, and matrices taught by the AIT Institute will function in the manner  they are intended to with every client, or that they will produce no negative side effects. AIT practitioners are committed to employing every precaution to assure the safety and positive outcomes of their clients.
Our mission is to teach helping professionals to facilitate the well being of their clients by working with client psyches and  energy centers. AIT includes protocols that work with the body as well as the psyche and spirit. It is neither intended to replace medical care, nor does it consist of medical treatment. AIT is often used as an adjunctive treatment.