Advanced Integrative Therapy Humanitarian AidWhy does AITI provide Humanitarian Aid?

  • People and communities need relief from suffering, regardless of their financial situation.
  • AIT brings peace to the world, one person at a time. A person who receives trauma relief helps bring peace to the world.

In communities suffering the aftereffects of violence, genocide, or natural or man-made disasters, AITI  sends teams of AIT teachers who offer low and no-cost training for local mental health professionals in the treatment of traumatized people, so that help does not leave when we do. We also provide direct treatment when needed.

Guatemala & Latin America

AIT was first invited to Guatemala in 2001 to help address the traumatic effects of the  genocidal 30-year civil war (1970-2000). With the help of AIT teachers, Ligia Barascout de Piedra Santa and Ruth Cordova, AITI’s well-trained, culturally informed Latin American teachers and trainers provide training and therapy in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Argentina.

Mayan women and families in Latin American have received AIT healing in order  to address genocidal traumas and the suffering caused by tribal and gender dis-empowerment.  AIT recognizes the strong cultural and spiritual beliefs of the Mayans. We work cooperatively to align AIT methods with indigenous Mayan ritual and cosmology.

AIT clinicians recognize the traumatic effects of  natural disasters such as the catastrophic landslide just outside Guatemala City. We offered volunteer trauma work to  victims, firemen and policemen and other responders deeply effected by that catastrophe.

Since 2015, AITI has provided training and treatment to the  people of the  Xinca tribe who live in the mountains near the Guatemalan town of  Jalapa. The Xinca are the non Mayan indigenous people in Mesoamerica. They carry the genetic trauma of  slavery and abuse at the hands of the Spanish conquerors.

 Post-Katrina New Orleans

Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath resulted in lasting trauma for residents and first responders.  Sue Josephson was instrumental in bringing  AIT teacher Glenn Sobermanto teach AIT Basics to a group of social workers, psychologists, and counselors in New Orleans, who were themselves deeply traumatized by loss  and devastation in their lives and the lives of their families and clients.  AIT healed  their own post-traumatic suffering and gave these practitioners the skills to help their clients heal. A true success story, the New Orleans community of AIT clinicians continues to grow, and offer ongoing training and support.


Navajo Reservation

Like all  Native American peoples, the Dine (what the Navajo call themselves) have a traumatic cultural history filled with attempts at physical, cultural and linguistic extermination, mostly at the hands of the American government. For a number of years, AIT had a humanitarian aid program on the Dine Reservation in which native social workers, psychologists, medicine people, traditional counselors and psychiatrists were trained in AIT trauma treatment.


Greece, Poland , Bulgaria

AITI offered training for clinicians in Greece, Poland, and Bulgaria where the ongoing refugee and  world economic crisis  threatens Europe’s recovery. AIT teachers Ilse Dewenter, Michele Shapiro, Ruthie Smith and Heather Reddington have been offering AIT training to clinicians working there.


AITI teachers are collaborating with community organizations to develop initiatives to provide healing for PTSD in returning war veterans and persons witnessing or being directly effected by gun violence in the USA and elsewhere.


If you know a community that needs AIT help, you can contact us at:



 AITI will work collaboratively with local gty_syrian_refugees_kb_130823_16x9_992liaisons to  design a program best suited to the local need.  Local liaisons identify and invite participants, provide a teaching venue, and make and pay for financial arrangements.

Clinicians: If you are interested in introducing AIT to a new area/community that has a significant need and you have ideas about how this could be done financially and practically, or would like to discuss how this could be done, please contact us.

IT-trained   and certified therapists  are committed to alleviating the pain and suffering of the  individuals  they treat. Additionally, AITI‘s   humanitarian aid programs are designed to help communities and people who have been traumatized  by war, violence, genocide and natural disasters. To continue this important work, we need your help.

You can become part of this positive change by making a  donation. Your generosity  helps AITI to sustain our organizational ability to be a healing presence  in a precarious world.

What exactly does  your contribution support? AITI provides discount or free training to practitioners who help others in crisis zones around the globe. Your donations cover training expenses- recruitment, manuals, translators,venues,etc. required in each area.

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