AIT offers several ADVANCED SEMINARS to enhance the practice skills of AIT practitioners. Basics is the prerequisite for all other AIT seminars.

AIT Presence and Dissociation

The protocols of the AIT Presence and Dissociation seminar focus, theoretically and methodologically, on repairing the ways that dissociation, repression, and disapproval caused by early trauma, often in the family, diminish and even destroy our clients’ ability to live in the present. Among the AIT protocols taught in this seminar that help clients painlessly return to presence:

  • Family Treatment Protocol
  • Forgiveness Protocol & Matrix
  • Emotional Reconnection Protocol
  • Bodily Reconnection Protocol
  • Bodily Reconnection Matrix
  • Boundary Protocol
  • Insight AIT


AIT Depths Treatment

The AIT Depths Treatment Seminar teaches us to enter the profound and often unconscious territory of the depth psyche that is composed of introjects, objects, personal archetypes and in some of us, alters. These parts are capable of unfortunate activity until we become conscious of them and learn how to work with them. This seminar focuses on these parts of the psyche, and  instructs on how to energetically treat and transform negatively constellated parts into positive, dynamic aspects of our clients’ psyches. Among the protocols and meditations taught in this seminar:

  • Consciousness-Raising Log
  • Active Imagination Protocol
  • Art Therapy for Personal Archetypes
  • Turning the Personal Archetype towards the Light
  • Empty Mind Meditation
  • Presence in the Heart Meditation

Attachment:Theory and Treatment

Attachment theory presupposes that our relationships to others, to our world and to ourselves are molded by our earliest primary relationships. This seminar  focuses on the earliest events and patterns of relationship and how they become a template for later social behavior, belief systems, emotional response, relationship, dysfunction and even neurobiology. Included are protocols for treating:

  • General attachment trauma
  • Pre- and peri-natal trauma
  • Early bonding and attachment trauma, and
  • Pathological symbiosis


Anxiety Treatment: OCD & GAD

This seminar focuses on the energetic, multi-modal treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder with specialized protocols to transform the neurobiological, psychodynamic, transpersonal, cognitive and behavioral levels of both these disorders. Included are protocols for treating:

  • Safety Protocol
  • Emotion Flush
  • Trigger Removal Protocol
  • Psychospiritual OCD and GAD Protocols
  • Neurobiological OCD and GAD Protocols

PTSD Treatment

The AIT PTSD Treatment seminar focuses on treating the complexities of post-traumatic stress disorder. It presents a groundbreaking set of protocols that provide multi-dimensional treatment of PTSD, including psychodynamic, transpersonal, neurobiological, cognitive and behavioral components. Together, these protocols provide deep healing of the traumatized body, mind, and spirit. Some of the protocols included are:

  • The PTSD Predisposing Factors Protocol
  • The Personal Persecutory and Victim Archetype Protocol
  • The Neurobiological PTSD Protocol
  • PTSD Transformation Protocol
  • Flashback Treatment
  • PTSD Negativity Protocol
  • PTSD Immobility Protocol


AIT Character Structure Treatment for Personality Disorders and More

Character structures are the qualities that form the ego. When they are normal, they enhance a person’s ability to live life successfully. When damaged, they produce a range of pathologies from stuckness and rigidity to fully developed personality disorders. The AIT Character Structure Treatment seminar provides a methodology for the energetic treatment of those suffering from deep personality damage, as well as far less wounded clients with one or more pathological character structures. AIT’s approach is integrated with the most valuable aspects of previous approaches to personality treatment–object relations, self psychology, ego psychology and cognitive-behavioral methods. You will learn to dismantle pathological character structures and to transform and regularize pathological thought and behavior through AIT’s groundbreaking behavioral and cognitive treatment. Protocols include:

  • Unwillingness to Change Protocol
  • Ego Development and Strengthening Protocol
  • Earliest Originating Trauma Protocol
  • Perfection Protocol
  • Projection Protocol
  • Distrust Protocol

Peace Through Consciousness: The AIT Trigger Seminar

This seminar provides methods for identifying, exploring and treating 10 different kinds of triggers, including projection, projective identification, psychological typology, and expectation. Working with triggers in AIT can be a simple way to organize and provide a short-term therapy, pinpoint hot issues, themes and personal archetypes and treat them, or enter into deeper work. Most important, it can make your client conscious of his/her stuck, unconscious behavioral patterns and energetically remove them. Among the protocols taught are:

  • Trigger Consciousness Protocol
  • Trigger Treatment Protocol
  • The Perfection Protocol
  • The Projection and Projective Identification Protocol
  • The Shadow Response Protocol
  • The Expectation and Assumption Protocol
  • The Emotion Flush Protocol

Treating Historical Trauma with AITGuatemala village | Genocide | Pinterest

Millions of people suffer because of past genocide, war, rape, epidemic, revolution and cataclysm! AIT offers Treating Historical Trauma to contribute to  healing. This seminar presents the AIT approach to treating historical trauma that, regardless of its origins or how long ago it occurred, still impacts intensely today. The training teaches methods of treating post-traumatic reactions to such calamities, even when they arise from our cultural history or our ancestors. Some of the protocol included are:

  • Individual Historical Trauma Protocol
  • Group Historical Trauma Protocol
  • The Protocol for Treating Evil
  • Protocol for Treating the Archetypes of Evil
  • Forgiveness Protocol

Introduction to AIT Dream Work

In this seminar, AIT therapists who already work with dreams in their clinical work or would like to learn to do so, learn to integrate dream work with AIT trauma treatment. Dreams offer clinicians and clients access to unconscious material encoded in its own mysterious language of symbol and metaphor. This seminar introduces AIT practitioners to a method of dream analysis derived largely from the work of C. G. Jung and Fritz Perls. It teaches how to use the dream as a source for the unconscious trauma that the client needs to have treated. Some of the protocols are:

  • The Basic AIT DreamWork Protocol
  • Amplification
  • Basic Gestalt Dream Technique and Protocol

AIT Treatment of Sensitivities

According to recent studies the incidence of allergies and sensitivities is greater than any other type of illness effecting people in the US. Approximately 60% of the population has unknown food allergies and about 95% of these go undiagnosed. According to a medical journal in the UK, Thorax, there has been a 400% increase in hospitalizations due to food allergies there since 1990. Since allergic symptoms have physical, psychological, and spiritual causes and effects, the AIT sensitivity protocols treat all these possibilities. The Sensitivities seminar  enables participants to assess and treat four types of sensitivities: trauma based allergies; physically based allergies; food intolerances; and toxins.

AIT Detoxification and Nutrition

AIT Detoxification and Nutrition focuses on learning to discover toxins and nutritional deficiencies that cause psychological as well as physical problems. Detoxification and drainage strategies are demonstrated and practiced along with methods for improving a healthy diet with whole food nutritional supplements. This seminar also introduces innovative ways of viewing optimal health and treating physical illness. The protocols assist the AIT practitioner in assessing and repairing a wide variety of issues from autonomic nervous system dysfunction to cellular malfunction.

AIT Psychogenic Illness Treatment

Psychogenic Illness Treatment teaches how to discover and treat the psychological causes of physical conditions. You will learn methodologies for dissipating the unusually profound resistances that many psychosomatically ill people have toward healing.  The seminar provides three landmark protocols for intervening with the psychological aspects of physical symptoms and applies them to the treatment of infections and autoimmune conditions. It includes many practice segments so that participants can practice by  treating each other. Some of the protocols included:

  • Body Covenant
  • Physiological Malfunction Protocol
  • The Illness Metaphor Protocol
  • The Illness Healing Short-cut
  • The Immune System Mobilization Process

 AIT Cancer Prevention and Treatment

The newest, most cutting-edge of the AIT seminars, Psychogenic Cancer Treatment offers adjunctive psychotherapeutic cancer treatment beginning with the assumption that trauma– physical, psychological, and spiritual– is the ultimate cause of cancer. By treating all the relevant forms of trauma and their connection to the development of cancer, AIT can produce improvements in longevity and even remission. This 4-day seminar includes the explanation, demonstration, and participant practice of the many protocols it offers.  We recommend this seminar for any therapist who is treating even one client with cancer. Some of the protocols are:

  • Global Resistance Protocol
  • The Carcinogen Protocol
  • The Genetic Malfunction Protocol
  • The AIT Cancer Immunotherapy Protocol
  • The Fight or Flight Protocol
  • The Cancer Symbol Protocol
  • The Type C Protocol
  • The Center Message Protocol

Treating the Wounded Spirit

This seminar gently removes spiritual injuries and blocks to Divine re-connection. It includes protocols on familial, social, religious, traumatic and personal hindrances to Divine connection and spiritual/religious practice. It teaches  how to remove negative projections onto the Divine, and provides ecumenical meditations and other spiritual practices designed to further open and expand the spirit. Some of the protocols are:

  • The Early Spiritual Trauma Protocol
  • Treating Trauma-Based Conceptions of God Protocol
  • The Parent and God Protocol
  • The Religious Wounds Protocol
  • The Spiritual Wounds of Traumatic Origin Protocol

AIT Intuition Training: A One-Day Workshop

AIT Intuition provides a lively, totally non-judgmental space for the exploration and practice of the five types of intuition. We explore and practice each type for the purpose of discovering and developing the types of intuition that are strongest within us. This seminar is a satisfying day of deep play.