New Manual of Core Belief Matrices, Second Edition 2014

  • Includes 105 Matrices of Core Beliefs and the Core Belief Protocol
  • Negative cognitions very often arise and take hold as an aftereffect of traumatic experience. Each AIT Matrix organizes a theme of these cognitions into groups of paired statements: first the post-traumatic version of the core belief, and, second, the realistic version that the client can come to believe only after treatment.
  • In Advanced Integrative Therapy , we utilize the AIT Core Belief Protocol to transform negative post-traumatic cognitions into healthy realistic ones. However, depending on your training, you can use the relevant protocols of any of the energy psychology modalities, cognitive psychotherapy, or other methods to work with the Matrices.
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     Core Qualities Webinar, With Asha Clinton, PhD, MSW

    For years psychotherapy has overlooked the tremendous transformative power of the Core Qualities; essential, useful properties or characteristics that are a basic part of an individual’s inborn constitution. Like genetic predispositions, they may or may not develop during the individual’s lifetime. But they are there, at least in potential, in all of us, and their development is often hampered by trauma. Some examples: compassion, power, clarity, wholeness.

    This lively, interactive, 3-session webinar, is now available on CD.

    You’ll learn what Core Qualities are, their often profound meanings, their history, their archetypal nature and its connection to our relationship with our centers and with the Divine. You’ll review the core qualities most essential to the treatment of various psychological issues.
    You’ll explore pairs, trios, and families of core qualities, and their use and you’ll learn how to use core qualities to take clients past treating the negative and into psychospiritual development.
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    Archetypal Psychology: 10 CDs

    A must-have for all AIT practitioners, these CD’s provide stimulating and transformational material presented by AIT’s founder, Asha Clinton to expand your knowledge and understanding of the archetypes and the theoretical principles of AIT’s approach to depth psychology. They consist of 60-minute lecture-discussions of major archetypes, how they present in clients, and how to best treat them. Many contain fascinating analyses of archetypal tales that illuminate the nature and functioning of the various archetypes. Each session is framed with reference to a particular work from the literature of archetypal psychology. The reading list will be included.

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    Additional Seminar ManualYou may order an additional manual for any seminar you have completed.(Please do not order for a seminar you have not yet taken.)

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