This section of our website is intended for therapists interested in learning how to use AIT in their practice.What do students say about AIT seminars? Here’s a snapshot:

” Learning how to clear Traumas to help with healing and wellness.”

         “The trainers!”
“The cooperative and process oriented spirit  of the trainers.”
         “Lots of hands on practice.”
“Listening to and observing the protocols when instructors worked with   students and practicing with each other.”
“The material and energy of instructors…alternating between didactic and practice.”
“Three step transformation.   This method is quite unique and practical.  It works instantly.”
“Learning how to use the chakra(s) energy to help clients heal their traumas.”
“Exquisite weaving of lecture, demonstration and practice.  The training materials were so well created.  I truly appreciated the opportunity to experience and witness the shifts.”
“Great instruction, committed, knowledgeable, very good materials, thank you.”
“The personalized attention the instructors gave …  You all go above and beyond in so many ways.”









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