In response to practitioners requests, AITI is moving to validate AIT to the industry standard of   evidence-based energy psychology.  This major research project supports the AIT community of practice.

We have been extremely fortunate to find two researchers to direct us in this endeavor; Cindy Ashkins, PhD and Bob Gervey,PsyD, have designed a long-term study to assess the effects of AIT.   We will begin with  a pilot study to refine the methodology of the long-term project, and preparing case studies to be placed on the website.

How you can help:

• AITI trained practitioners will complete confidential case studies.  This includes information on the process and results of the completion of a theme or therapy of a well-disguised client.  Each study will be included on  the AIT website.

• Donations are needed to support our research. Consider helping with your own financial, tax exempt gift below.

You can  mail your  check to:

27 Albany Rd., West Stockbridge, MA 01266, USA


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